The Salesman horrifies.

Cast : Shahab Hosseini , Taraneh Alidoosti.

Direction : Asghar Farhadi.

Plot : The Salesman is about a happy couple Rana(Taraneh) & Emad(Shahab) whose life goes into a turmoil,when Rana is attacked by an unknown assailant.

My views in a nutshell :

+ve : Gripping tale , Suspense.

My views in detail :

The Salesman has been on my watch list ever since it won the Oscar for Best Foreign Feature Film.

The Salesman starts with a earthquake like situation where Rana and Emad,are forced to flee their home.Emad works as a teacher,while he and Rana also play the lead role in a play.As their home gets destroyed,they move into a shabbier apartment,where tragedy befalls them,and Rana gets attacked.This is when the movie takes a turn.

Rana becomes paranoid after the tragedy,she even gets scared to step into the bathroom,or to take a bath.She is also seen breaking away from character during the live performance of the play.

Emad is the one who is more affected by the tragedy.While Rana wants to let go,Emad is hell bent upon finding the attacker.
Post the attack on Rana,cracks begin to appear between the couple.There is a lot of high tension.Emad is more traumatized since his ego is at question. The couple dont want to approach the cops for help,because they do not trust them.Emad gets angry and irritated,when he gets to know that his colleagues at the theatre,have got to know about the attack on Rana.He evens picks up fights with Babak,his close friend.More often than being a support to Rana,he is seen criticizing her or even fighting with her.Emad spents a lot of sleepless nights ,trying to figure out the assailant.

For the first 30 minutes,I  kept wondering why the movie was called The Salesman,till i realised that it is the title of the play they are performing.

The climax is heart wrenching,It was difficult to decide whom to support,the attacker or Emad.

The Salesman is a movie which will appeal universally and will make sense to one and all.

The Salesman,is a movie that deserves to be watched.

Quotes that caught me:

What a disaster,this town
I am your neighbour who moved upstairs,could you please let me in?
I am sorry for the troube last night.
I am scared on my own.
I dont want to have to tell it in front of everybody.
For i am just a simple salesman.
Nothing serious happened.
Either we go to the police or we forget the whole story.
If i had answered the darn intercom.
Its not improvising,its insulting.
I m dying.

Image courtesy : wikipedia


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