Kaatru Veliyidai is a watchable love story.

Cast : Karthi,Aditi Rao Hyder,RJ Balaji.

Direction : Maniratnam.

Written by : Maniratnam

Plot : Kaatru Vilayaadu is an intense love story,between VC(Karthi) and Leela Abraham(Aditi).One kills lives for a living and the other saves.What happens when two opposites fall  madly in love with each other?

My views in detail : I decided to watch Kaatru Vilayaadu,to while off a lazy Saturday night.

Kaatru Vilayaadu starts in a Pakistani prison,where VC(Karthi) is held as a prisoner of war.The movie moves into a flash back,where he reminisces memories of the moments he spent with Leela(Aditi Hyder).

Karthi as VC is an arrogant airforce officer,who is madly in love with Leela.However,he is head strong and keeps getting into fights with Leela,as he finds it difficult to accept her point of view and opinion when it comes to certain matters.He is a self obsessed man,who has been bred on poems by Bharati and uses them to woo her.He is obsessed with his RayBan aviators,and is seen wearing it while in hospital,prison and all places where it is not necessary.

Aditi as Leela Abraham is a doctor who has come to Kashmir on deputation.She is sensitive and cant handle men mishandling women and people shouting at her.She doesnt leave any opportunity to enjoy life.Leela is heavily infatuated by VC.She is badly abused,insulted and hardly respected by VC,yet she loves him madly.

RJ Balaji as Iliyas is Leela’s friend who has a secret crush on her.I somehow was very skeptical about him,thinking he would be a mole.

Kaatru vilayaadu is an intense love story which focuses on VC’s redemption.It is set in picturesque Srinagar and the cinematography is mind blowing.The songs are just about average and none of them caught my attention. The climax is emotional.I liked the snippets of the poems that is recited in the movie.

It would have been good if it was mentioned why Leela’s parents were angry at VC.Kaatru Vilayaadu doesnt bore,though it raises a few question of to why Leela,loves VC inspite of him not treating her well,even once.Kaatru vilayaadu definitely deserves a watch.

Quotes that caught me:

Aasupatri vaasanai..poi kulichittu vaa.
Can you trust him with a fighter plane when he cant drive a jeep.
Neelaakashathil naan nin mukham kande..
Isko khana matt dey do,bhooka rehne dedo.
EE nimishatte maraka maatai,kaatulla varai…
mupathu naal…
courier varum..ok.
Leela,neenge first alle..
I said shut up,so shut up.
No explosives…no explosives…samjha.
Ji..beheter janaab.
Leela,can you pls keep quiet.
Anbukale nature is to hunt.
VC ku VC mattum tha pudikkum.
Naan unakaake thedi varuve.

Image courtesy : https://www.google.co.in/search?q=kaatru+veliyidai+images&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjxhuzJ-MbUAhWBvI8KHSNSALQQ_AUICigB&biw=1366&bih=641#imgrc=qUb8_dCGTI3IsM:



2 thoughts on “Kaatru Veliyidai is a watchable love story.

  1. I did not watch this movie and so I don’t understand either. Why does she love him when he clearly seems like a douchebag? Movies like these give the wrong idea that it is okay for people to be douchebags and that it is considered cool. Considering whether or not to watch it.


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