Oru cinemakaran is a jolt in the dark.

Cast : Vineeth Sreenivasan,Rajisha Vijayan,Renji Panicker.Direction : Leo Thaddeus.

Plot : Alby and Sarah get married against their families wishes.They are leading a peaceful life in Kochi,with some financial instabilities,when a freak accident changes their lives.

My views in a nutshell :

+ve : Heartfelt performances,humour,songs,family entertainer.

My views in detail :

I decided to watch Oru cinemakaaran because it is a LJ release.

Oru cinemakaaran,as the name suggests,is about a struggling filmmaker.But don’t expect it to be on the same lines as that of Udayanaanu Thaaram.

Vineeth Sreenivasan as Alby Mathew,is an aspiring film maker,who struggles to make ends meet.However,he is jovial and carefree.I liked his heart felt performance.

Renji Panicker as Alby’s father and a priest who dreams that his son will also be a priest like him,reprises his role from Godha.

Rajisha Vijayan as Saira,is the best of the lot.I liked the humour and sincerity she brings onscreen with her innocence.There are situations she chooses to let go,just in order to support Alby.She is the quintessential girl next door.

There are also other supporting characters in this movie,who have added support to the movie,in the form of various characters.I don’t want to mention them here,so that I don’t take the suspense away.

A character which doesn’t add any value is a lady police officer who is seen just riding a bullet and eating biriyani.

The struggle undergone by Alby and Sara is very relatable.

Oru Cinemakaaran is a family entertainer with the right amount of suspense.It never goes overboard.

The songs are good,with my favourite being ozhuki ozhuki.

Watching Oru Cinemakaaran over this holiday weekend is a good idea,as I am sure it is not going to disappoint.

Quotes that caught me

Cash..panam..Doddu …money.

Onnumilelum christiani alle.

Acha continue.

Poyi nikada queue il

Nee nthaada ivide.

I am sorry Shakuntalè,my shaku 

4 sedan?

Remometer : 3/5 

Remometer Legends :

1 : I ran out of the theater.

1.5:I almost ran out of the theatre.

2 : I will never watch this again.

2.5 : average . Can skip watching on big screen.

3 : One time watch on the big screen.

3.5 : Fan girl. Will definitely watch again , that too on big screen.

4 : Overwhelmed. Can’t stop thinking of it . Deeply moved .

Image courtesy: http://www.indiaglitz.com/vineeth-sreenivasan-rajisha-vijayan-movie-oru-cinemakaran-first-look-poster-is-out-malayalam-news-185673.html


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