A death in the gunj is power packed.

Cast : Vikrant Massey,Tilotima Soma,Om Puri,Ranvir Shorey.

Direction : Konkana Sen Sharma.

Plot : Set in the late 70’s,a death in the gunj,is about a family that comes for a vacation to McKluskiegunj.The vacation which lasts for 7 days,is told through the perception of Shutu(Vikrant).A death in the gunj,is a movie that has won numerous awards in various film festivals.

My view in detail : Directed by Konkana Sen Sharma , A death in the gunj , has a bunch of fabulous actors, who are theatre actors.The movie ends up with a powerhouse performance by each one of them.

A death in the gunj,is told through the eyes of Shutu,played by Vikrant Massey.Shutu is sensitive and in his own world,who lost his father recently.A lot many times,he is seen wallowing in self pity,and walking around wearing his father’s sweater.The family around does nothing much to help him out,their constant ridicules and mockery,further push him into depression.The only person who stands by him,is the 8 year old Tani.Shutu,is the one,everybody turns to get menial jobs done.There is so much of pain held inside him,that a lot many times,I had a lump in my throat seeing him.

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I liked Ranvir Shorey as Vikram.Vikram is flambuoyant,energetic,loud.He is the leader of the pack and rags Shutu the most.He is shown to be selfish,who doesnt care much about others around.Most of the times,his manners are unlikable.I liked Ranvir Shorey,in this role I have never seen him before.

Most of the other characters like Tilotima,Tanuja,Kalki,Om Puri etc are notable,and are a very integral part of the plot.

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A death in the gunj,has an element of suspense.The climax is tear jerking.It is about a holiday spend by a family in their native.Most of the movie,revolves around holiday activities.I liked the bgm.

The movie is set in McKluskiegunj in 1978-1979.The screen has a sepia feel to it and the cinematography is picturesque.

A death in the gunj,is not a light hearted movie.It has different layers to it,which follows a pace of its own.Yet,it doesn’t bore,but it could depress.A death in the gunj is one of those dramatic movies,which can be watched only when you are in the mood for it.However,it definitely is a great watch.

Quotes that caught me:

That will be 9 RS and 4 annas please.
After all this is my second home na.



Image courtesy : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Death_in_the_Gunj




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