Ijaazat (1987) – A youtube movie review.

Cast : Rekha , Naseerudhin Shah ,Shammi Kapoor.

Direction : Gulzar.

Plot : Ijaazat is about the events that take place between Mahinder & Sudha while they are in a waiting room,waiting for their respective trains to arrive.

My views : Ijaazat directed by Gulzar,is a 1987 movie,the existence of which came to my knowledge from an Instagram post about Rekha.
The songs in the movie are popular,and i have heard it a couple of times,and always found them soulful and melodious.
But somehow watching this particular movie,or taking an effort to know much about the movie,never hit me.

Ijaazat is a tale that happens one night in a waiting room,in the form of a conversation between a couple,who are meeting after 5 years.
As the story unfolds,it is revealed that they were married to have separated 5 years ago.The current status is not revealed.

Naseerudin Shah as Mahendar,is active,energetic and quiet forward for the era the movie is set in.However,he deeply respects his grandfather(Shammi Kapoor) and can never say no to him.He is a man who is stuck between his past and present.

Rekha as Sudha is one who believes ,do what one feels is right.And that is probably why she decides to move away from Mahender’s life.She believes in living the moment.

2 songs from Ijaazat,mere kuch saaman and qatra qatra are 2 of my favorite songs.What is more interesting is the hidden meaning in the songs,which
adds more meaning,after watching the movie.

This movie belongs to the art house genre,so don’t watch Ijaazat expecting it to be a pot boiler entertainer.However,it is said to be one of Gulazar’s and Rekha’s best.
I liked it for the earnest performances and the suspense that was maintained till the end.The curiosity in me,if Sudha would go back home with
Mahendar kept me to hooked on to Ijaazat.I liked the climax very much.

Ijaazat to me is a one time watch movie.Ijaazat is like an onion,which requires some peeling to understand the movie better.


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