Lipstick under my burkha is just smoke.

Cast : Ratna Pathak Shah,Konkana Sen Sharma,Aahan Kumara,Plabita Bhortakur,Vikrant Massey.

Direction : Alankrita Shrivastava.

Written by : Alankrita Shrivastava.

Plot : Set in Bhopal,LUMB is about 4 women,who live in the same complex,each having their own set of problems.

My view in a nutshell :

+ve : Funny , Realistic.

-ve : Rehana ,Abusrd ending.

My view in detail : The trailer of lipstick under my burkha,which I watched few months back,had cemented my desire to watch the movie then and there itself.Following which,I waited for the movie to release,which ran into censor board issues.I even doubted if the movie would release.I also found the title to be very catchy.
LUMB focuses on the life of four women from the age group of 19 – 55.It showcases the restrictions and perspectives the society has, of women.Those who comply to it and go ahead with the flow live content,while others unable to suppress their dreams are frustrated.
The eldest of the lot is the 55 year old Bua ji,played by Ratna Pathak Shah,who is a fierce woman,and stands up for those in her neighborhood.She is so used to being called Bua ji,that she takes a moment to even recollect her own name.She indulges herself in reading erotic novels.
The next one is Konkana Sen as Shireen Aslam,the best sales executive of her company,who works without her chauvinistic husband’s knowledge.She is suppressed at home,and her voice is not heard even if she tries to speak up.
Leela is ready to pursue her dream by running off to Delhi with her boyfriend.She is engaged to Manoj,whom she is ready to ditch , to follow her dreams.For Leela,her dreams are more important than a domesticated life.
Rehana who recently joined college,leaves home in a burkha,but somewhere along the way,does a makeover into jeans,with loads of lipstick.She makes an impactful statement,by asking if girls don’t have to right to freedom?They are asked to lower their gaze,to control their breathing in case their chest swells up.They shouldn’t dance or sing.

Rehana is forced by her parents to focus on her studies, which she is not very happy about.Her passion is dance.She runs away from home in the night to party.To me,this didn’t look like a rising from suppression,it looked more like teenage rebellion. Rehana’s part is what takes away the glory from ‘LUMB’.This movie would have been much shorter and meaningful without Rehana.

The men in this movie are typical chauvinistic ones,like Aslam who believes his wife is meant to cook and produce babies,the neighbourhood guys who believe Bua ji has nowehere but prayer meetings to go to.Just like the 102 year old hawaai mahal they live in,most of their minds are rusted and old.

All the four women have acted very well.Aahana and Plabita,match upto Ratna Patak Shah and Konkana Sen Sharma.

While a majority of LUMB deals with something which most women have to endure,the absurd ending put me off. Konkana and Ratna Pathak Shah evoke lots of laughter,esp scenes of Ratna in the swimming pool.The scene where Shireen is ‘punished’ for taking up a job is heart wrenching.’LUMB’ focuses on how women are forced to suppress their desires.I would have liked it better if the focus moved from suppression,to steps taken by them to overcome it.I would have liked it,if atleast one of them had found a way out of their misery.The women are shown bonding towards the end,i would have liked it,if there was more of sisterhood that was shown.Also,the movie ends abruptly, something I found weird.
This is a movie that can be watched on Netflix/Amazon prime/DVD.I wouldn’t suggest rushing to the theatre to watch this flick.

Quotes that caught me :

Sapna le lo.
Maal nahi bua jki,mall mall.
Yeh bua ji hai,Humare muhalle ki celebrity .
Sample photos hai..sample .
Jee mam,baby ya baba.
Pata hai humari galati kya hai?
And girls who sing zepplin?
Rosy toh aap ho hi nahi sakthi thi.

Remometer : 2.5/5

Remometer Legends :

1 : I ran out of the theater.
1.5:I almost ran out of the theatre.
2 : I will never watch this again.
2.5 : average . Can skip watching on big screen.
3 : One time watch on the big screen.
3.5 : Fan girl. Will definitely watch again , that too on big screen.
4 : Overwhelmed. Can’t stop thinking of it . Deeply moved .

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