Alamara and a marriage.

Cast : Sunny Wayne, Aditi Ravi,Renji Panicker,Seema G Nair,Aju Varghese,Shyju Kuruppu.

Directed by : Midhun Manuel Thomas.

Written by : John Manthrickal.

My views in a nutshell :

+ : Comedy , Realistic.

-ve : Drags towards the end.

My view in detail : Alamara is the story of Arun Pavitran and Swathi,told through the eyes of an Alamara(Cupboard).

Sunny Wayne is Arun,a bank employee,who is infamous for his wedding getting called off,47 times,due to various reasons.Now,he has decided not to get married.

Aditi Ravi is Swati,a single child,who is also a bank employee.

However,fate brings Arun and Swati together,and they get married.The initial sparks between the two families is not great,and the tension gets carried on for the rest of their married life.Meantime,Swati’s parents gift the newly married couple an ‘Alamara’,in an interesting voice over by Salim Kumar.This Alamara forms the center point for most of the fights between the couple.

I liked the nonjudgmental perspective of the Alamara,and the many number of times,the Alamara feels stuck between the warring couple.

The director has also briefly touched upon the land grabbing mafia in Bangalore,in a sub plot.

I liked the rapport between Arun and his ever supporting Supran maaman,played by Manikandan Achari.Supran Maaman,goes to all lengths to always support Arun.He even transports the Alamara,from their home town to Bangalore.

The taunts between the two families is realistic.The scenes between Renji Panicker and Seema G Nair,are funny.


Alamara,does not have many songs,but it has funny moments.Alamara will make for a fun,lazy night watch.

Below is the youtube link : Alamara

Quotes that caught me :

Maama,manthrimaany alla…matrimony.
pennu olichodeeno….
seetha kalyaanaa….
enikkinee thalkaalam kalyaaname venda.
6 maasathinullil kalyaanam nadatthanam.
athe..enikku nokku kooli ya.
Eeta ya…atha ithra kanam.
Dhaivame..kayyum kaalum undaayirunenkil,ithonnum kaanaanum kalkaathe engotuum irangi odi rakshapedaam aayirunnu.


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