Ghar matters.

Cast : Vinod Mehra , Rekha

Direction by : Manik Chaterjee.

Plot : Vikas and Aarthi,are a happily married couple,living in Bombay.Their life goes for a toss,when a grave incident happens in their life.The issue is discussed in detail,and this affects their life.

My view in detail : Ghar is a 1978 movie,directed by Manik Chaterjee.

Vikas(Vinod Mehra) and Aarthi(Rekha),roam upto 4 months after their marriage,all around Bombay,in search of a place to stay.Till then,she stays at her place,and he in his company guesthouse.After 4 months,they move into Ghar.She is a stay at home wife,while he works for New India Insurance.They spent their time like any other newly married couple.The first half of Ghar,is light,happy and breezy.

The second half becomes intense,after Vikas and Aarthi,get involved in a grave accident.The accident turns out to be a test of their love.Vikas tries to overcome the trauma,by being extra nice and sensitive to Aarthi.This somehow disturbs Aarthi,thinking Vikas is trying to put up a false facade.

Ghar is well directed,and the acting is natural,esp the scene where Aarthi lies unconscious in the hospital.

The songs in this movie are famous and melodious.The lyrics are meaningful.Aap ki aakho mein kuch mehke hue se raaz hai,being my favourite.I somehow like the sentence where he goes,lub hile toh mogre ke phool kilte hai kahi.The song,Aaj Kal mere paav,zameen par utarte nahi,kept playing in a loop in my ears.

Vikas tries to put Aarthi at ease,when he sings Phir wohi raat hai.

Tere bina jeeya jaaye na is also another melodious song in this movie.

Something else i found interesting was the fashion those days.A lot of polka dots is used in Ghar,in the form of shirts,dresses and saris.There is a scene where Vikas is seen wearing a pink Safari Suit as well.

The songs can be heard here : Ghar Songs

Apparently,it seems Ghar released around the same time as Muqqadar Ka Sikander ,and failed to make a mark at the box office.


Overall,Ghar is a great watch,and deserves to be watched again and again.

Quotes that caught me :

Mama..yeh..aur yeh.
Yeh hai aarthi PaPA.
ye wohi hai jo juhu beach mai thai..
Jaan,main office chodke kaise aaunga.
Hum toh shaadi karaake maare gaye.
Amitabh Bachchan ki nahi,Dharmendar ke picture zaroor dekhenge.
Tum leader ho kya?
Sab theek ho jaayega Jaan.
Kyu Naatak karte ho?

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