Oru Mexican Aparatha bleeds RED.

Cast:Tovino Thomas,Roopesh Peethambaran,Neeraj Madhav,Kalabhavan Shaji,Gayathri Suresh

Direction:Tom Immatty

Plot : Oru Mexican Aparatha is a campus movie,based in the late 90’s,in Maharaja’s college.It is about the college election between the two political parties,KSQ & SFY.

My views in a nutshell:

+ve:Elements of nostalgia,Strong performances,songs.

-ve:Predictive,lengthy towards the end.

My views in detail :

Oru Mexican Aparatha bleeds red,right from the first shot.Me being apolitical with a slight inclination towards the left,had my heart beating fast through many of the high intensity scenes.My hands automatically went up each time,inqulab zindabad was called out on the screen.

Oru Mexican aparatha is a campus political movie and has just 4-5 scenes out of Maharajas college.It is a campus story that has been told multiple times,but stellar performances by the cast,make it worth a watch.
Neeraj Madhav as Subhash is the gang leader who is passionate about communism.He is from Taliparamba and has grown up seeing staunch communist leaders.Seeing the single party rule,set by the KSQ party,motivates him to start SFY in maharajas college.Neeraj Madhav is in a role that is different from the usual side kick roles he has done,and i feel he has done enough justice to the role.
Tovino Thomas is Paul Varghese,an ever smiling happy go lucky guy.He is Subash’ friend and roommate,with little idea about politics and more interest in girls.Certain bitter moments in life,change him to a brooder,who takes on the cause of SFY,and later contests for the post of chairman.

Roopesh Peethambaran as Roopesh,who is the leader of KSQ,surprised me with his fiery performance.He reminded me of a particular senior in college,who behaved similarly and was also one who would push us out of class,in the event of strikes.

Gayatri Suresh as Anu,does not have much of a role.She is portrayed as the girl who is every man’s fantasy.

All the supporting characters like Kalabhavan Shaji,Sudheer Karamana add to the movie’s strength,at one point or the other.
Many of the songs have a tone of revolution in them.I particularly liked the song,Ivalaaro.
The movie does get slightly lengthy towards the end.
Tovino also plays a character called Kochanniyan from the late 70’s,which I feel was not required.There is not much reference with respect to him.I feel the only inspiration from Kochanniyan is the title of the movie,as the room Mexico is what inspired communism in Kochanniyan.
The hostel scenes are refreshing.Oru Mexican aparatha has all the elements of a campus movie,like inter college festivals,friendships,crushes and political fights.
Movies like Lal salaam,the Motor cycle diaries have always inspired me and the song,chora veena mannil ninnu has always given me goosebumps.Though oru Mexican aparatha may not be as intense as any of those mentioned above,I would suggest you to catch it on the big screen,nearest to you.

Lal Salaam….

Quotes that caught me :


Viplavam vijayikatte
Oro penkutty um oro pratheekshayaada.
Ee campus il mundu udakano vendayo ennu nammal theerumaanikum.
Chicken nu shesham adi undu.
Subashè phone…
We are the raja,we are the raja,we are the maharaja.
Sthreekalè,balloon pole aanu enna parayunne.
Ente shareeram,nte swaantatryam.
Lal salaam.
Ivide puram pachappu aanenkilum,ullil muzhuvan chuvappa.
Che Guevara maarude Naadu..kannur
Adicha thirichadikanamz
Election kazhiyum vare aaru nammude ammaku achanum vilichaalum,nammal chirikanam
Naalate ninte prasangam aanu nammade vidhi theerumaanikathu.
Maatatinayee oru vote.
Emanmaare Emaanmaare.
Remometer : 3.5/5
Remometer Legends :

1 : I ran out of the theater.
1.5:I almost ran out of the theatre.
2 : I will never watch this again.
2.5 : average . Can skip watching on big screen.
3 : One time watch on the big screen.
3.5 : Fan girl. Will definitely watch again , that too on big screen.
4 : Overwhelmed. Can’t stop thinking of it . Deeply moved .

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