The good dinosaur is cute ,yet sloppy.

Cast : Raymond Ochoa , Jeffrey Wright

Direction :Peter Sohn

Plot : Arlo is the youngest son of Poppa and Momma. He was born weaker and smaller than his other siblings ,Buck and Libby. Arlo is scared of everything ,unable to finish his tasks on time and hence feels unworthy .In an attempt to get rid of his fear, Poppa provides him a task. However, Poppa loses his life , due to a freak accident in the middle of the task. Arlo considers Spot responsible for this and while trying to get hold of Spot,both of them fall into the river beside their home and get lost . The good dinosaur is about Arlo’s attempt to get back home.

My take : This movie takes us into the world of dinosaurs .The good dinosaur has a story which has been tried and tested many times.It is about an underdog who ultimately emerges victorious after facing many hardships . One difference I noticed here is that ,the baby Spot is Arlo’s pet.Arlo cuddles and pets Spot.Spot is different in the world of dinosaurs,he makes sounds like animals , while the rest of the dinos speak.I particularly liked the motivational talks Poppa gives Arlo. I liked the landscape and waterscape used ,they look real and pretty. There were couple of pensive scenes that made me cringe with fear for Arlo,like the one where he has to face thunderclap and team . There are villains and good samaritans in the world of dinosaurs.The good dinosaur has emotions and is family friendly.I liked the 3D effects used,for ex,in the scene where Arlo throws off a snake off his body ,felt like he was throwing it out on the viewer.Kids will like ‘The good Dinosaur’ . I would have liked it more if the story had more content to it.On the whole , the good dinosaur has nothing new to offer,watch it for the 3D effects and the animation.


Quotes that caught me :

You have got to earn your mark by doing something big , bigger than you.

Sometimes you got to get thru your fear to see the beauty on the other side 
Remometer : 2/5


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