Airlift affirmed my belief in humanity.

Cast : Akshay Kumar , Purab Kohli , Nimrat Kaur , Prakash Belawadi.
Direction : Raja Menon

Plot : Airlift is a true story based on events that occur during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait .
My views : Airlift is a disturbing and brutal take on the gulf war. It has a running time of 2 hours 5 minutes and doesn’t waste time in getting to the main plot .The plight and frustration  gone through people who lost everything in a moment has been captured realistically . I like it when Akshay Kumar picks up roles from real life stories like special 26 and baby.Airlift rests mainly on Akshay’s shoulders, with support from the supporting cast.Akshay as Ranjith Katiyal resembles the usual Indian who doesn’t have any belief in his country .Kumud Mishra as Sanjeev Kohli is the unsung hero of the operation . Purab Kohli has a pivotal role as Ibrahim , he is Akshay’s loyal help. Nimrat Kaur portrays what most wives would undergo in such a situation. She is cynical of her husband first , which then turns into admiration and support .Prakash Belawadi as George irritates his fellow refugees , he is portrayed as one who just blames others without making an effort on his own (a character many of us would have come across many times) .There are also a couple of dialogues happening in Malayalam in the movie in the back ground . This adds more authenticity to the story since it is a known fact that the gulf has more number of mallus,than other states. It is terrifying to see the government’s lack of interest towards Indians stuck in war zone areas .It gave me a feeling of helplessness. Indians were evacuated mainly because of the interest shown by Akshay’s character and Sanjeev Kohli. . In an age when almost everybody is selfish , it is a ray of hope to realize that there are a few people , who are ready to take a step for the safety of others as well. Airlift will not bore you and is a good watch. Kudos to the real ‘Renjith Katiyal’ and family , who are shown in the end credits. 

Quotes that caught me :

You Indians , mein Kuwaiti hoon.

Tumne paper par sign kat liya?

Sheikh log discuss kar rahe hai? Tumhe invite nahi kiya?
Trivia :

Lena (Malayalam actor) makes her Bollywood debut with Airlift.

Airlift was shot in and around Ras al Kaimah.

The gulf war is the first war i ever heard of ,as a child .People in other gulf countries were living in fear of being invaded by Iraq. A lot of Indians living in other gulf countries , moved back to India coz of the fear(me too being one of them).

Remometer : 4/5

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One thought on “Airlift affirmed my belief in humanity.

  1. I did like the movie but felt somewhere along the line the screenplay lost its path – the scenes in the 2nd half of the movie where Mr. & Mrs. Katyal continues to lead a luxurious life in their mansion doesn’t sync in.


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