Puthanpanam lacks substance.

Cast : Mammooty , Kunjan ,Saikumar , Baiju , Mammukoya ,Hareesh Kannaran , Siddique.
Direction : Renjith

Written by : Renjith , K V Shajikumar

Plot : Puthanpanam deals with the aftermath of demonitisation . 

My view in a nutshell 

+ve : Mammooty s screen presence, Kasergod accent.

-ve : lack of a story line.

My view in detail :

I stepped into watch Puthanpanam with great expectations.However that expectation didn’t last too long.Puthanpanam starts in 2006,where a Tamil woman named sundari is seen fleeing her hometown, with her son.Her story is told in a brief backdrop and soon the movie moves ahead to November 2016,where there is a deep dive into demonitisation.

That is the problem with Puthanpanam,there are 2 stories running in parallel and they collide in the middle,resulting in utter boredom.There were lot many moments where I wondered if the protagonist of the movie was Muthu or Shenoy.

Muthu is a 13 year old boy who tries to fit into shoes that is too big for him.He is a boy who makes adult like decisions.He bunks school to go to the junk yard in search of junk,because he thinks school teaches nothing, that he doesn’t know. 

Shenoy played by Mammooty is a kasargod based businessman who is trying to claim his lost money and gun.In the process,he ends up traveling to Kochi from kasergod.

Shenoy’ four accomplices add weightage to the story.All of them converse with each other in kasergod dialect,leaving the others bewildered and amused.In one scene,Shenoy even mentions that Kasergode is an unwanted part of kerala,with nobody to care for.

Baiju as neutral kunjunni is a slimy criminal who brings in comedy at times.

There are too many other characters in the movie,who keep stepping in and out. There is a lady police commissioner who vanishes from the screen after sometime.

The first half is so boring that I took a short nap during interval.The second half is relatively better.I liked the fight scene in the climax,where Mammooty is seen flying and jumping to beat goons.In fact that is the only scene I liked.

Puthenpanam can be skipped in theaters.This is one movie you can watch from home,in the comforts of your couch or bed.

Quotes that caught me :

Kuruvi de K,ninakku kaanichu tharaameda.

Chandrabanu evde undeda?

Attente kannu kanda himaara chandrabanu

Athinu jaaga ille ivida?


Tera para desh vaasiyo

Sister…Venda sister.

Usaalku munthiringa,kusaalku naaranga.

Inni nee nammude chaddi dosth eda.

Bara baraabar.

Jyaasti maathada beda maga.

Remometer : 2/5.

Remometer Legends :

1 : I ran out of the theater.

1.5:I almost ran out of the theatre.

2 : I will never watch this again.

2.5 : average . Can skip watching on big screen.

3 : One time watch on the big screen.

3.5 : Fan girl. Will definitely watch again , that too on big screen.

4 : Overwhelmed. Can’t stop thinking of it . Deeply moved .
Image courtesy : http://onlookersmedia.in/latestnews/puthan-panam-first-look-poster-released/



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